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apple developer account for sale :Mental health apps ‘could be harmful’ to consumers, expert warns


Mental health apps could be harmful. (iStock) Tweet Facebook Mail Mental health apps can be potentially harmful and consumers need to be cautious before buying, a Sydney researcher has said.Experts are gathering at the University of Sydney this week to discuss the 'booming' mental health app market to ensure consumers receive quality, safe, evidence-based support.Research fellow at the Charles Perkins Centre, Dr Quinn Grundy - who will lead the newly launched Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) - said apps have the potential to deliver tailored, accessible and cost-effective mental health services.However, they can also be potentially harmful and it's really difficult for consumers to sort through the tens-of-thousands of available apps, Dr Grundy said.She said their analysis of the "best of the best" apps found little evidence that they are effective at improving mental health."In the end we didn't feel comfortable in endorsing any of these apps because even the ones that were from reputable organisations didn't provide the privacy assurances one would hope for."Or if they had a great privacy policy it was unclear that the developer had any mental health expertise or that it was based on sound evidence," Dr Grundy said.RelatedRush to publish COVID-19 research saw errors in top medical journals triple, study findsNew health alert in South Australia after positive COVID-19 case breached quarantineTwo new coronavirus cases reported in South AustraliaShe added there was even concern that some apps could make a person's mental health worse."There was a lot of messages around how easy and quickly the app could solve your problems, so we wondered if a consumer didn't get better would they blame themselves?Many also suggested that "everyday problems", like trouble sleeping and stress, were a sign of a mental health issue.Dr Grundy will present her analysis at the Bias and Research Integrity Node Symposium hosted by the University's Charles Perkins Centre tomorrow.© AAP 2020

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