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apple developer account:China wields patriotic education to tame Hong Kongu0027s rebellious youth


HONG KONG - Cua Chiu-fai is on a mission to rid Hong Kong's classrooms of what he sees as poisonous anti-China bias. His soldiers: mainly parents. He has recruited hundreds of mothers and fathers to monitor and report on teachers deemed guilty of filling their students with hate for China and urging them to take to the streets in protest. Using his YouTube channel, which has 114,000 subscribers, Cua says he has enlisted parents and other volunteers as part of an initiative called "Help Our Next Generation." In a video posted in late October, he talks about seeing pictures of "people who looked like teachers" directing young students to pick up bricks during the demonstrations that roiled Hong Kong last year. These teachers need to have their licenses revoked, he says in the video: "If you're a teacher and you make your students destroy this place for certain so-called political positions, that's something we absolutely cannot accept." Cua's vigilante initiative has won the support of some pro-Beijing political figures in Hong Kong. Targeting the city's teachers has become part of a broader plan by China's leaders to reform the city's rebellious youth after last year's sometimes-violent pro-democracy demonstrations. Some 40% of the 9,200 protesters arrested in the period between June last year and this year were students, according to figures provided to Reuters by the police. Of these, 1,635 were under the age of 18. About 100 teachers and staffers from primary and secondary schools were also arrested, according to the city's education secretary. Alarmed that so many young Hong Kongers showed hostility to the ruling Communist Party and its vision for a resurgent China, the leadership has turned to re-education - a tried and tested tactic of the Party through decades of extinguishing domestic opposition. The aim is to remake Hong Kong's youth into citizens loyal to China. Interviews with Hong Kong political figures, teachers and school principals, and mainland Chinese officials, as well as a review of new educational materials, reveal that the school curriculum, teaching staff, exams and extra-curricular activities are all in Beijing's crosshairs. Lau Siu-kai, the vice president of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies, Beijing's top think tank on Hong Kong affairs, says the first order of business is to turn young Hong Kongers into law-abiding citizens, then instill them with national pride. "Students should be told not to do anything detrimental to the safety and interests of the country," he said. Once that's been achieved, "we want to cultivate a sense of patriotism." Two mainland Chinese officials told Reuters they expect there will be comprehensive education reform in Hong Kong within the current term of Chief Executive Carrie Lam, which ends in 2022. While they offered few specifics, the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that education reforms would include greater monitoring of teachers. Responding to questions from Reuters, Hong Kong's Education Bureau said that "fostering students' sense of national identity" is a key learning goal, as it is in other countries. National education "aims to enhance students' knowledge about our country's history, culture and development," the bureau said. "As well as their awareness of the importance of national security, thereby developing in them a sense of belonging to the country." China's Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office on the mainland and Liaison Office in the city did not respond to questions from Reuters. FEARFUL TEACHERS The education campaign is a crucial piece in a bigger project,

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