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buy apple account:Covid-19 (Feb 21): New cases inch above 3,000 again, heavy spike in Perak


COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported 3,297 new Covid-19 cases, breaching the 3,000-mark for the first time in eight days.The uptick was fuelled by a significant spike in Perak which recorded 1,215 new cases.This was the first time Perak recorded four-digit new cases in a day during the third wave of the pandemic. The previous record was 245 new cases on Jan 21.Of the 3,291 new cases today, 1,889 were non-citizens while 1,402 were Malaysians.However, the number of active cases continued to decline due to the high recovery of 4,456 cases.Active cases: 33,304Patients in ICU: 209Intubated: 91Deaths: 5rrrrCase numbers by state:Perak (1215)Selangor (868)Johor (431)Sarawak (185)Penang (127)Kuala Lumpur (123)Negeri Sembilan (122)Sabah (85)Malacca (65)Kelantan (30)Kedah (15)Terengganu (12)Pahang (9)Putrajaya (7)Labuan (3)Perlis (0)[More to follow]

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