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choi baccarat(’Endzone - A World Apart’: Rebuilding society after nuclear disaster


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,Not surprisingly, everything is in ruins after a nuclear diaster. It's up to the player to decide how this new civilization will develop in the video game "Endzone - A World Apart." — Photo by Assemble Entertainment/dpa

Radiation, drought, radioactive rain, and sandstorms? That’s what you’ll face as a player of “Endzone - A World Apart.”

In this survival and city-building game, you have to lead people through such challenges and build a new society.

The scene: In 2021, terrorists blow up nuclear power plants around the world. The few survivors manage to escape into underground shelters. After 150 years, it’s time to return to the surface.

Not surprisingly, everything is in ruins. It’s up to the player to decide how this new civilisation will develop. In this hostile environment, you have to collect food and resources, and build a settlement with over 50 different buildings.

The settlers can perform various tasks and occupations, go to school or travel on expeditions to distant areas.

The game world is divided into cells, each with their own levels of humidity and radiation. The weather is unpredictable, and radioactive rain and drought threaten the harvest, so survival is by no means guaranteed.

”Endzone - A World Apart” is available for PCs and costs US$20 (RM83). – dpa



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